Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oh the sick days

this has been a hard week for us. my little has been sick. i'm not sure with what, but it has involved a fever, crying, lots of holding, what i thought to be possibly ear or throat pain, and now a rash all over his little body. what this translates to, is me not getting much done. between holding the sweet boy, taking care of big brother's needs and not getting much sleep, i am exhausted at the end of each day, and just cringe when i think about washing dishes or folding laundry. i know that as i let it pile up, i am just creating more work for my self, but i can not seem to motivate myself. my recently acquired status of "most improved housewife" that i earned after an intense cleaning frenzy over the last week and a half has quickly been stripped from me. the house is a wreck! i try and remember they are only little once and that i should soak up all the snuggling and holding while i can, but then i get a scathing look from my partner as she arrives home to the mess, and the guilty feelings pile on as i quietly slink away.

my goal for the next week is to work on breaking the projects down to get little bits of success. half a load of dishes...better than none! laundry folded...score! each little bit moves me closer to a clean house and more time to spend with my beautiful boys.